Not all who wander are lost.


Date: 28-30 May 2021
Format: 2-day gravel bike race (all bicycles welcome)
· Day 1: +- 110km
· Day 2: +- 60km
Accommodation: Canvas tent including bedding
Meals: All-inclusive
Place: Tankwa Tented Camp – Northern Cape
Price: R5900pps


The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race is a new kind of bicycle race. It’s a simple celebration of how a self-propelled machine can bring people together.
It’s about being outside. It’s about exploring. It’s about racing. It’s about you.

The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race is a two-day gravel race deep in the Tankwa Karoo.
The race will commence on the weekend of 28 to 30 May 2021.
The race has been specifically designed to test a modern gravel bicycle, however, our aim is to bring people who love bicycles together. We want to be as inclusionary as possible, so we welcome any type of bicycle to take part. Trophies will however be reserved for drop bar gravel bicycles.


Day 1 – 110km

The route heads north along the R355 before turning west towards the Biedouwberg. You’ll then turn south at Reenen and ride over various district and private farm roads. There will be a number of river crossings and depending on the level of the water, you can expect to get your feet wet. There will be a major climb to the turnaround point up Karretjies Pass viewpoint. This climb has loose, sharp, shale rock and will test your equipment and skill to the limit. Really, it’s a bit of a pig. There will be one major refueling station at about the 70km mark alongside the river.
You’ll then head east before turning back onto the R355 and turn right back onto the Tankwa Tented Camp farm road.
There will be five timed segments. Route profile and GPX files will be shared closer to the time. There will be minimal route marking so it is essential you take enough water with you and that your GPS is in good working order.

Day 2 – 70km
We have been granted special permission to traverse the Tankwa Karoo National Park. We’ll head east through Stonehenge Farm and into the Park passing some ancient ruins over the Tankwa River towards Roodewerf. You’ll then head west back towards camp via Pramberg. This course will see you riding through a variety of hard pack, loose gravel, shale rock and sand.



  • All to arrive at Tankwa Tented Camp no later than 15:00.
  • 16:00, wearing a smart shirt, tie & bib shorts, all participants will begin the guided Tankwa art tour around the Stonehenge Farm to explore & photograph some truly out-of-this-world art creations.
  • 17:00, we’ll then proceed to the koppie to watch the sun set with a unique Tankwa Rocktail in hand. There will be a 02:30 period of silence from where the sun disappears behind the horizon. We encourage you to use this time to give thanks, in your own way, to being fit and healthy. An opportunity of clarity.
  • 18:30, a wholesome dinner will be served in the Boma.
  • 19:30, race briefing.
  • 20:00, campfire bicycle stories.


  • 05:30, farm breakfast will be served in the Boma – fill up. You’ll need it.
  • 07:00, race begins.
  • 14:00, race cut-off.
  • Afternoon at leisure, cool off and have a dip at Stoney Beach and enjoy a beer or a Tankwa Rocktail.
  • 17:00, for the sprinters, there will be a 400m drag race on the airstrip, winner takes all.
  • 18:30, a wholesome dinner will be served in the Boma.
  • 19:30, campfire bicycle stories.
  • 21:30, the Bicycle Burn will be lit.


  • 06:30, a slightly later start, farm breakfast will be served in the Boma.
  • 07:30, race begins.
  • 14:00, race-cut off.


You will be staying in a 2.7mx 2.7m dome canvas tent which you will be sharing with your partner, stretcher beds, thick mattress and comfy white linen. Everyone will have the same accommodation and there are no upgrades. The Tankwa is a leveler – we’re all in this together. There will be more than adequate ablution facilities with hot water in the morning and evening.


Tankwa Tented Camp has the following facilities:
– Full cash bar
– Swimming dam
– Ablutions
– Boma indoor and outdoor
– Solar electricity


R1 100 single supplement if you’d like to stay on your own.
R5 900pps (You’ll be sharing a 2.7m X 2.7m canvas dome tent with your bestie…)
– 2 X breakfast
– 2 X lunch
– 2 X dinner
– Tented accommodation with bedding and lighting provided
– 2 X refreshment stops en route
– Access to Tankwa Karoo National Park
– Art cycle tour (Friday)
– 2 X Rocktail sundowners, or a Tanqua Tonic
– 1 x beer at the end of each day’s ride
– Sweep vehicle
– Mobile medic
– Portraiture photographer
– More than anything though, this race gives you access to find yourself, and lose yourself.
– Single supplement available at an additional R1 100


You may bring your partner to enjoy the magic of the Tankwa who will share the tent with you, all meals and entertainment. They will be able to explore the artworks, sundowners and lounge at Stoney Beach. The price is R5 000 all inclusive.



There will be a unique Tanqua Trophy for the winner of each timed segment.

Ride more.
Ride because you want to.
Because it’s needed.
Ride for the hell of it.
For the unknown.
The good times.
And moer koffie.
The end-of-race fines.
The heat haze.
The friendly faces.
Always pacing.
Let’s go racing.
Over gravel, good or unrideable.
Only until it’s not.
Define it, first.
Get moving. Reconnect.
Get outside. Disconnect.
The Tanqua Kuru Bicycle Race.
Join us. Come explore. Ride more.

Words by Eeden

“People say cycling is a time to think. Cycling for me is a time to not think.”